Accelerating Impressions for McLaren with Next-Level Print Ads


Any gearhead worth their octane will tell you: there are sports cars, and then there is ultra-high performance McLaren supercars. That’s why the launch of every new McLaren model is such big news. As their North American marketing partner, Plan B was delighted to create this pair of print ads (accompanying the digital assets we already created) to appear in a pair of luxury publications, heralding the release of the groundbreaking Artura.

Boasting all-new technology, from the powerhouse hybrid engine at its heart to its remarkably lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque body, Artura represents the kind of innovative engineering and style that have made McLaren a legend. As such, we let its carefully crafted curves do most of the talking, with a branded QR code conveniently unlocking all the delightful details. Appearing in Road & Track and Nobleman respectively, these spreads extended a launch campaign that included a host of digital and traditional communications.

Take some of the work here for a test drive!


Mclaren - Nobleman - Artura print ad Mclaren - Road and track - Artura print adMclaren - Artura catalogMclaren - Nobleman Artura landing page - desktop
Mclaren - Nobleman Artura print ad - mobile

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