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The situation

A lot of agencies act as if social media marketing requires some kind of fancy PhD and only they have the right credentials for success. But social media isn’t rocket science. It’s actually more like rocket fuel. Successful brands know that social media and content creation are vital parts of a modern-day marketing mix. But many still aren’t harnessing their full potential to connect with customers. Why not? Because brands fail to understand the basic formula.

Content marketing is the fire, social media is the gasoline

At Plan B, we know how to mix that Molotov cocktail. We’re experts at creating the potent B2B and B2C content that your customers burn for (content marketing) and amplifying it via the right channels for the right audiences (social media marketing) to achieve your business objectives.

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Capture customers through content

Here’s the cold truth: Your customers are busy and care a whole lot more about themselves than your brand, products or services. To get them to actually pay attention, you need to give them a reason via compelling, original content that piques their curiosity, tickles their funny bone or blows their mind.

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Social media in six easy pieces

Plan B has developed a simple framework to leverage your unique brand essence for content creation and then supercharge it by harnessing the world’s oldest communication channel – Word of mouth – via social media.

Step 1

Identify Your Audience & Goals
We work with you to establish your brand’s content marketing mission and determine your target audiences, business objectives, and KPI’s.

Step 2

Conduct an Audit
We audit your existing content assets, identify new and/or under-utilized opportunities, and use social listening tools to assess competitors’ social media activities and establish your benchmarks.

Step 3

Develop a Content Strategy and Calendar
We use our learnings to craft a content strategy that dictates channel strategy (rather than the other way around) and develop a calendar to ensure consistent content production and timely distribution.

Step 4

Create and Curate Content
From writing thought leadership blogs to designing eye-grabbing imagery to producing sleek video storytelling and much more, Plan B has the in-house capabilities to create compelling, cost-efficient social content and curate available User-Generated Content (UGC).

Step 5

Build Community
We use our expertise to optimize and distribute content, attracting customers to your brand’s channels. There, we’ll actively engage with them to create robust and authentic online communities filled with advocates, enthusiasts, and fans.

Step 6

Measure, Analyze & Adjust
We use data analytics and social listening tools to track how content performs, analyze channel activity, deliver data reports, and recommend optimizations to ensure business objectives are met.

Our services

Whether it’s full-service management of your brand’s social channels, strategic consulting to support an in-house team, or something in between, Plan B offers the capabilities to fit your needs.


  • Content & Social Media Strategy
  • Content & Social Media Audits
  • Content Calendar Development
  • Video Production, Photography & Art Design
  • Original Blogs


  • Community Management
  • Content Scheduling
  • Social Contests, Giveaways
 & Promotions
  • Press Releases & Distribution
  • Paid Social
  • Social CRM


  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Ambassador Programs
  • Brand Partnerships
 & Co-Sponsorships


  • Social Listening
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • Consulting & Team Education

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