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How to Turn a V-Shaped Recovery into a W for Your Business

How to Turn a V-Shaped Recovery into a W for Your Business

6 Smart Ways to “Build Back Better” in 2021

You’ve probably heard the prognosticators prognosticating: a V-shaped recovery is coming. Yep. Many economists predict there’s a spending boom just waiting to explode just on the other side of the pandemic. As soon as some of these promising vaccines are distributed en masse, the corner we’ll be turning will be sharper than the needle delivering them.

So plan for success NOW by taking the president-elect’s call to action to heart…because together we CAN “build back better.” After all, we survived UFOs in April, a hyperactive hurricane season, election purgatory in November, and (so far!) what feels like a zillion of years of pandemic pandemonium.

While 2020 may have been one hell of a year (literally), it hopefully yielded some blessings, too. Things like softer work pants…homemade sourdough…some bright-eyed optimism for the year ahead… Speaking of which, we see a lot of potential in 2021—but only if we do the work now to build back better.

And since this is the season of making lists and checking ’em twice, we’ve put together this one, offering six simple ways to turn a V-shaped recovery into a super big ‘W’ for your business.

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You know there’s a broken link on there somewhere…a plugin to set up…a page that’s a UX atrocity. With folks spending upwards of 16 hours per day online, now’s the time to update, upgrade, and optimize! Chances are you needed this work done before the pandemic. Well, it’s even more critical now. Don’t have time?

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With 51% of adults reporting more time on social media this year…your business should be prepared to deliver wherever the customers are. Tweets. Fleets. Tik Toks. Reddit threads. If there’s an internet corner you should be in, now’s the time get there.

Get Some Butterfly Backup



Whether it’s trade shows, conferences, summits or seminars, virtual alternatives to in-person events are looking like they’re here to stay. Besides…with lower costs and larger payoffs, why not  get in on the login-from-your-lounger action?

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Digital advertising affords marketers a number of targeting options to fit just about any media budget…but to effectively turn those media buys into ROIs, a hyper-localized or cross-device targeting strategy may be the way to make sure you’re putting the right message in front of the right person at precisely the right moment.

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Email click-throughs and open rates were up over 20% in 2020. And with the right human-centric marketing messages, there’s a wealth to be gained in this digital drive to leave no email unopened. Get in on the action now by drafting some CRM workflows that actually work…or making someone else (*ahem*) do it.

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Your back, home office, and future productivity will thank you. Seriously, many are speculating this WFH sitch may stretch well into 2021 (and beyond). Who knew we could be this productive from the comfort of our couch? But all this slouching, slumping, and leaning is wreaking havoc on our musculoskeletal system. Remember: Taking care of business starts by taking care of you.

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Go for the W in 2021 by planning ahead now, and Build Back Better with a Plan B!


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