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More Bang.
Less Bull.
Strategic. Creative. Obsessive. Inclusive. Equitable. Sustainable.

This is Plan B: The Agency Alternative

Plan B is a best-gen marketing agency with a talent for pushing boundaries. Stretching limits. As best practices across marketing disciplines change by the month, we find ourselves forced to look further into the future, to push past what’s possible today, and to think beyond advertising as it’s been traditionally defined. Which is exactly what we’ve always done best. We’re not rule-followers or bandwagoneers. We’re results-driven, on-demand marketing confederates committed to getting our clients anywhere they need to go.

Strategy & Analytics

Leave the tea leaves and crystal balls to your local palm-reader. Our brand strategists prefer more trusted tactics in divining a path forward. Likes. Click throughs. Conversions. BDI/CDI studies. Brand archetyping. Market surveys and fact-finding focus groups. No matter the metric, our team ties together the myriad data points that paint a true picture of performance. You know…the kind of 'hoodoo voodoo' rooted in numbers-backed marketing science.


Whether it's over-delivering on big ideas or perfecting small (but powerful!) tactical executions, our team of award-winning, break-the-box thinkers thrive on pulling off the impossible. Brand development. High-impact advertising campaigns. Stunning web design, video and motion. Plus, the expert creative leadership to transform our artistic drive into your competitive advantage.

AI Services

Unless you've been living in a cave without a WIFI hot spot, it's impossible to ignore the buzz surrounding AI. The great news is that Plan B right in the epicenter of the seismic shift that is sending ripples across our industry. Recognizing AI as a valuable ally to brands, creatives, and agencies worldwide, we are leveraging its power to propel the creative process into uncharted territories. Plan B is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients, who are champing at the bit to see how we fuse our creative prowess with AI capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to craft the most collaborative and conceptual work imaginable, pushing the boundaries of what we ever thought was achievable.

Social media

Doomscrolling meets its nemesis when your business is armed with a thumb-stopping social plan. Whether we're developing a community growth strategy, courting brand-enhancing influencers, or just keeping up with day-to-day posts, comments, and hashtag-happy trends, our social savants work hard to convert everyday likes into the kind of love that supports higher order business goals.

Event Support & Management

Tradeshows. Professional seminars. Conventions. And now virtual events. Doesn't matter whether it's an in-person or an online affair, events are always big deal. And the name of the game is the same: get high exposure without a high expense. Our in-house event management experts can help every phase of the way, from pre-event comms to on-site support to post-event lead management and follow-up.

Media Planning

We prefer doing business the honest way, which is why we've never bought or sold media in-house. By avoiding this conflict of interest, we can offer our clients the benefits of true, channel-agnostic consulting. From strategic recommendations on an optimal media mix to Radically Sharper Targeting, we'll help keep CPMs low and ROIs high with zero markup on whatever space you do buy.


Coming up with a great idea is one thing. Bringing it to life is another. Our in-house production wizards are in the habit of pulling off minor miracles, often working within the confines of impossible deadlines and uncompromising quality standards. Direct mail. Collateral. Environmental. If you need a production ally willing to get in the trenches, Plan B's got your back.


Managing customer relationships isn't exactly a push-button affair. But with so many adtech and martech tools at our disposal, it can be. Whether it's sophisticated marketing automation to feed your insatiable sales funnel or hyper-precise cross-device targeting, our in-house CRM experts can optimize your CRM plumbing for a seamlessly integrated customer experience.

Web development

UI designers. UXperts. SEM junkies. Optimization nerds. Add those digital devotees to a full-stack team of multi-lingual coder types, and you've got our web wizards, just itching to work their magic on your next project! From campaign landing pages to emails, online event spaces, and full website redesigns, we'll help you get from square one to done — all according to best practices.


One project. One campaign. And one responsible business decision at a time. Sustainability isn’t just the smart thing to do if you’re in business, it’s also the right thing. If you’re a tomorrow-minded company or give a shit about advertising beyond the status quo, then you’ve come to the right place.

Plan B named among Chicago's Top Ad Agencies