Rolling Out a Comprehensive Digital Initiative for McLaren

Unveiling an Unprecedented Supercar

When you’re the world’s leading producer of ultra-premium supercars, every new model is big news for your legion of enthusiasts. On a more practical level, there’s a little matter of engaging qualified buyers. So when McLaren was preparing to rollout Artura, their thrilling new hybrid, they once again turned to Plan B to develop a communications program that scored at every milepost. After all, we are car people.

For the online global reveal, we developed an enticing email invitation and microsite that registered potential buyers for the event, with the additional incentive of an exclusive McLaren Artura reveal kit. Then, in advance of production models becoming available for customers to drive, we created localized digital assets that showcased the innovative features of the car and offered the exclusive opportunity to see it in person as it toured select dealerships. These assets were customizable for each dealership, as is an upcoming direct mail piece that will include a QR code to explore the car in augmented reality.

Strap in tight and take the work for a drive!

mclaren social post in phone

arturua dealer page

Mclaren landing page and email

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