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AI according to Plan B

Carpe perendie! (seize tomorrow)


For every meaningful technological revolution, there are countless—mostly forgotten—duds that never quite panned out. The rise and fall of Flash. The (failed) promise of virtual reality. And whatever happened to that Second Life stuff? Each time, FOMO drives many to jump too far too soon, taking on risk when there’s little reward.

But unlike the short-lived trends of the past, AI in marketing is already beginning to prove its worth and staying power. Between its early successes and its seemingly limitless potential, AI-powered marketing won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

But at the dawn of the AI revolution, Plan B has a different outlook, just as we always have. There has never been a more opportune moment for our approach: pragmatic, methodical, and evidence-based, focused on forging digital narratives built on empathy and humanity, not on the latest trend. We insist that technology should complement—not overshadow—human connection.

Data is the compass that guides us to the heart of connection, aligning brand strategy with the pulse of relevance—the more instantaneous, the more resonant. Marketing AI allows us to process and organize vast quantities of data, but our expert human oversight is what makes it truly work, positioning your narrative in the sweet spot: the intersection of the right audience, the right context, and the right moment.

Our commitment to technological evolution, coupled with a profound understanding of the sales funnel psyche, fuels the creation of digital experiences that captivate, honor, and enrich. While we eagerly embrace every tool at our disposal—from the latest AI marketing solutions to good old fashioned direct mail—our goal remains the same: not just innovating, but forging lasting loyalties through digital engagements that resonate on a deeply human level. At the core of our strategy is empathy—delving into the essence of your customers’ motivations.


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