As a company with over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of premium faucets and fittings, Chicago Faucets has harnessed a lasting reputation for innovation and customer service to become a leader in the industry. So, when the company was looking for an agency partner to help create awareness in the healthcare market through a new sub brand, Plan B gladly answered the call. 

With deep agency expertise in both B2B and healthcare communications, Plan B got to work developing a name, tagline, and positioning statement. All needed to work in unison to convey to healthcare facility decision makers and influencers – architects, designers, specifying engineers, and facility managers – as well as the internal team that Chicago Faucets is the total partner for worry-free specifying and safety in environments of care.


After presenting a dozen options, Chicago Faucets chose the concept they felt best encompassed the ideas of partnership, innovation, and safety for the healthcare market.



By utilizing the iconic “plus” symbol to communicate both health and partnership, the target audience can easily recognize that this sub brand is focused on the healthcare market. The plus acts as a connector to give equal weight to the equity of the Chicago Faucets name and their industry focus while the tagline reinforces intentional, thoughtful product design and the benefit to the ultimate end user. 


Once the brand identity was defined, Plan B worked under a tight timeline to create trade show booth signage, highlighting four products and their benefits on the booth backdrop. Taking advantage of valuable but underutilized podium real estate, Plan B developed messaging to showcase Chicago Faucet’s new CF Connect app, keeping forward-thinking technology front and center.

Stay tuned as we continue to grow the Chicago Faucets + Plan B business with future projects in the works, including print and digital + Healthcare ads and expanding thinking into other markets.

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