This July is all about being plastic-free – and as a sustainability-minded, B-Corp-certified agency, we’re all about that. An extension of the Plastic Free Foundation founded by environmentalist Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a small team located in Western Australia, Plastic Free July was created in an effort to make our world a better, more livable place. What started as a small movement has now impacted the world on a massive scale, reducing global demand for bottled water by 2.3%, as well as 4.0% of plastic straws and 3.1% of all fruit and vegetable packaging, according to The Plastic Free July organization has also received many awards and accumulated over 140 million participants worldwide. 

Plastic Free July aims to emphasize recycling and using non-plastic items across the world, leading to less plastic consumption and waste worldwide. At the core of the organization exists the desire to ultimately reduce plastic waste use for an entire month, showcasing the difference just one month can make.

So, this July, are you up for the challenge? See what kind of difference it can make within your home and if you can implement plastic-free July, beyond July. On the Plastic Free July website, you can also take quizzes to see how prominent plastic use is in your life, and join different challenges to hold yourself more accountable this month. 

Changes such as using reusable water bottles, paper straws, and glass cups may seem small, but they can really add up. 

 There are many ways you can participate in Plastic Free July, including: 

  • Using reusable food containers
    • Glass containers, silicone bowl tops, and bento boxes all work to keep your food safe, sound, and edible.  
  • Using reusable shopping bags
    • Tote bags make great reusable shopping bags, and most grocery stores also sell their own branded shopping bags. 
  • Avoiding the use of plastic single-use cleaning products
    • Glass containers and reusable spray lids could be used to replace single-use cleaning products. Brands such as Blueland, Grove Co., and Method are great ways to start and find inspiration in your plastic-free journey. 
  • And much more!

 Now that you have some of the tools and information, how are you going plastic-free this July? Leave a comment below!

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