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Strategic. Creative. Obsessive.

About Us


Sure, we COULD wax poetic here about our ‘human-centric’ approach to marketing. Or muse about our harmonious ‘in-tune-ism’ with the deepest wishes/wants/desires of today’s consumers, preaching about how our people are modern-day marketing messiahs, meticulously groomed to deliver more-with-less through proprietary processes and at breakneck speeds…

But self-indulgent, superficial prose about ‘who we are’ doesn’t exactly sell widgets. And that’s all YOU really care about. So instead of painting a pretty picture of what’s behind the curtain at Plan B, we’ll take a more pragmatic approach here and just cut to the chase.

We want your money.

Specifically, we want you to make more of it, so we make more from you. Because that’s the funny thing about advertising.

It pays to buy.

That’s why we make it stupidly easy for you to do just that. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past 20 years, it’s this:

Good things come to those with guts.

Whether it’s a stop-them-in-their-tracks print ad, a next-gen virtual event or Naruto-running-into-the-next-viral-trend, our full-service agency delivers the plucky stuff you need to make your competition nervous.

Just Ask These Guys


Instead of trying to hold together a fragile and splintered multi-agency or multi-partner consortium, or suffering through an underperforming and expensive retainer-based relationship, more brand managers are seeking a Plan B, where they can get AOR-style brand oversight PLUS best-of-breed specialization, on-demand, and all in one place. Here’s an overview of some of our specialized areas of focus.


Discovery workshops
Interviewing & market research
Measurement & analytics
CRM & Data Management


Identity development
Messaging & positioning
Collateral & sales tools


Experiential design
Broadcast & radio
Digital & video development


Usability Testing
Virtual Event Development & Management
Full-stack Development
Analytics & Reporting


Data acquisition & analytics
Business processes and roadmap
Automation strategy
System implementation
Cross device targeting

Social Media

Audit, strategy development & design
Engagement, scheduling & paid social
Influencer & partnership programs
Analytics, reporting & education


The numbers are in. More and more marketers are investing more of their marketing budgets in martech and adtech to optimize their lead-gen and CRM initiatives (and demonstrate ROI!). So, not surprisingly, there’s a growing demand for specialization in the art and science of leveraging data to both pinpoint prospects (adtech) and personalize their customer journey (martech). Delivering communications wherever they are. Broadcast. Narrowcast. Online. Offline. Cable. Mobile. Even OTT.

Doing this requires having a partner not only with the expertise to extract customer insights from an expanding constellation of touchpoints, but also the strategic savvy and digital agility to act on them expeditiously––all without compromising adherence to well-established brand standards.

This is where a partner like Plan B excels, affording you the best of all worlds. The technical proficiency. The brand oversight. The seamless coordination. So as you’re looking to develop your next Customer Experience (CX) program, don’t underestimate the impact of partnering with a strong adtech/martech partner –– someone skilled in navigating the sophisticated synchronization of your most ambitious data-enhanced marketing initiatives, from radically sharper targeting to catching up with the cord-cutting streamers on their OTT apps and platforms.

Take a break from tradition

After 20+ years of ignoring the norm, we’ve discovered we work best with rogues, cavaliers, rebels, and rule breakers. In other words, highly motivated marketers who recognize that opportunity often means doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Not blending in. Not playing it safe. Not waiting until next year. Are you ready to rock the boat?

Plan B named among Chicago's Top Ad Agencies