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Strategic. Creative. Obsessive. Inclusive. Equitable. Sustainable.

About Us


This page is “about us.” In the broader sense, it’s about ALL of us. With our collective future in focus, we’ve been seeing the path to profitability take an exciting twist in recent years, one that prioritizes social, economic, and environmental responsibility as catalysts to sustainable success…not obstacles to it.

This is obviously great news for all those tomorrow-minded brands, businesses, clients and companies who are as obsessed as we are with doing the right thing. It’s no longer about following the same dogmatic, business-as-usual routines. Not about playing it safe or sitting on the sidelines.
And it’s not about simply paying lip-service to the planet.

Advertising beyond the status quo means using our station as marketers to advance meaningful change every chance we get. And if you’re picking up what we’re laying down here, then we’re all about YOU.


This isn’t fringe marketing we’re talking about. Mainstream, mass market consumers are increasingly attracted to brands, products, and companies that genuinely care about doing good. Smart marketers, in turn, are adapting to this emerging consciousness –– one that’s more alert to the increasing costs of capitalism, and more in tune with the responsibility we all have to one another and the world.

Our B-Corp status is just a reflection of our long-time commitment to those ideals, and hopefully another reason to believe we can help your business or brand communicate its own. So, if you’re doing good for your customers and clients, or something downright great for the world, we want to help you deliver more of that goodness…and promote the positive difference you’ve been making.


Chi-Town, represent! Yeah, our city might be called the Second City, but when it comes to creative output, everybody knows this Midwestern metropolis is second to none. Like, literally. A recent study ranked Chicago as the best U.S. city for creatives.

Not like that’s news to us. We live it every day. From the beats of Polo G to the blues of Kingston Mines, JC Rivera’s street art to exhibits at the MCA, the scripts of “The Bear” to the scenes of “The Batman,” and all the other world-class stuff dished out from Alinea to Zanies, Chicago is on fire. (No, not that way.) And we’re ready to go beast mode for your brand through killer concepts and kickass campaigns infused with the crackling energy of Chicago.

New York has its haughty Mad Men. L.A. has all that Hollywood flash. And San Francisco fronts its aloof techie vibe. But Chicago? Authentic, unabashed, bare-knuckled creativity lives here. And so does Plan B.

Good things come to those with guts.

Whether it’s a page-stopping print ad, next-gen virtual event, or socially integrated lead-gen campaign, our cross-functional agency teams are adept at pumping out the plucky stuff you need to keep the competition nervous. Need proof?

Just Ask These Guys


Instead of trying to hold together a splintered multi-agency or multi-partner consortium, or suffering through an underperforming and budget-busting retainer-based relationship, more brand managers are seeking a Plan B.

And here we are, offering you AOR-style oversight PLUS best-of-breed specialization…all on-demand and all in one place. See below for an overview of some of our specialized areas of focus.


Discovery Workshops

Interviewing & Market research

Measurement & Analytics

CRM & Data Management


Identity Development

Messaging & Positioning

Collateral & Sales tools



Experiential Design

Broadcast & Radio

Digital & Video Development



Usability Testing

Virtual Event Development & Management

Full-Stack Development

Analytics & Reporting


Data Acquisition & Analytics

Business Processes & Roadmap

Automation Strategy

System Implementation

Cross Device Targeting

Social Media

Audit, Strategy Development & Design

Engagement, Scheduling & Paid Social

Influencer & Partnership Programs

Analytics, Reporting & Education


The numbers are in. More and more marketers are investing more of their marketing budgets in martech and adtech to optimize their lead-gen and CRM initiatives (and demonstrate ROI!). So, not surprisingly, there’s a growing demand for specialization in the art and science of leveraging data to pinpoint prospects (adtech) and personalize their customer journey (martech). Delivering communications wherever they are. Broadcast. Narrowcast. Online. Offline. Mobile. Even OTT.

This is where a partner like Plan B excels, affording you the best of all worlds. The technical proficiency. The brand oversight. The seamless coordination. So as you’re looking to develop your next Customer Experience (CX) program, don’t underestimate the impact of partnering with a strong adtech/martech partner – someone skilled in navigating the sophisticated synchronization of your most ambitious data-enhanced marketing initiatives, from radically sharper targeting to catching up with the cord-cutting streamers on their OTT apps and platforms.

Take a break from tradition

After 20+ years of ignoring the norm, we’ve discovered we work best with rogues, cavaliers, rebels, and rule-breakers. In other words, highly motivated marketers who recognize that opportunity often means doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Not blending in. Not playing it safe. Not simply paying lip-service to the planet. And NOT waiting until next year.

Are you ready to rock the boat? Let’s talk.

Plan B named among Chicago's Top Ad Agencies