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Ad People Who Add Value



We take our trade seriously…but ourselves? A little less so. Inside many of our highly disciplined, by-the-book account leaders beats a wildly creative heart, just as in many of our care-free creative primadonnas is a gut-smart strategist in disguise. Poke around a little to browse some of our B-sides.

Dan Hannula

Internal Systems
& Culture Coordinator

Peter Verniere

Account Supervisor

Kimball Brey

Account Coordinator

Michelle Esbensen

Art Director

Paul Higgins

Senior Art Director

Dylan San Roman


Jocelyn Chubb

Account Executive

Danny Allegretti

Senior Art Director

Julie Messner

Project Manager

Don Weaver

Executive Creative Director

Clay Cooper

Director of Client Services

Ric Van Sickle

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Wischnowsky

Associate Creative Director (Copy)

Lauren Farrell

Account Director/Associate Manager

Erin Pauly

Social Media Marketing Manager

Jim Goldman

Account Group Director

Colin Reilly

Web Developer

Bradford Pretorius

Creative Director

Emmons Patzer

VP, Senior Business Analyst/Strategist

Plan B named among Chicago's Top Ad Agencies