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Ad People Who Add Value



We take our trade seriously…but ourselves? A little less so. Inside many of our highly disciplined, by-the-book account leaders beats a wildly creative heart, just as in many of our care-free creative primadonnas is a gut-smart strategist in disguise. Poke around a little to browse some of our B-sides.

Andi Summers

Account Director

Nikola Metes

CRM & Marketing Automation Specialist

Julie Messner

Project Manager

Jack Barnette

Producer/Production Manager

Melanie Cooper

Account Coordinator

Tim Sheridan

Senior Copywriter

Don Weaver

Executive Creative Director

Amy Lyon

Account Supervisor/Associate Manager

Clay Cooper

Director of Client Services

Ric Van Sickle

Chief Operating Officer

Terry Mertens

Group Creative Director

Dave Wischnowsky

Director of Content

Lauren Schrowang

Account Supervisor/Associate Manager

Erin Pauly

Social Media Marketing Manager

Jim Goldman

Account Group Director

Colin Reilly

Web Developer

Bradford Pretorius

Creative Director

Emmons Patzer

VP, Senior Business Analyst/Strategist

Plan B named among Chicago's Top Ad Agencies