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Creative of the Month

August 2021 Featured Creative

August 2021 Featured Creative

Putting A Spotlight On The Itch-You-Shouldn’t-Scratch

When it comes to the discomfort of jock itch, many sufferers resort to creative techniques for short-lived relief. So when our client, Alva Amco Pharmacal, asked us to create a video spot for their soothing solution, an over-the-counter anti-fungal wash called FUNGICURE…well, the B-Team was itching to get started.

From the 12 ideas we presented, the client chose five stand-out concepts to turn into animatics for consumer testing. The result? A clear favorite emerged from our focus groups with universally positive reactions. With qualitative data predicting its success, we set forth producing our aptly titled “Pubic Service Announcement.” Once the finished piece started running, the six-week metrics revealed that our spot was working: completion rates were as high as 84-92% in some areas, with a corresponding lift in sales, too. Plus, social media users were sharing the video on their own platforms, resulting in more organic exposure to the ads.

As the spot continues to run, FUNGICURE sales have consistently climbed— with more jock-itch-sufferers finding relief, and more revenue for Alva Amco. We call that a double win!

Sit back, relax, and see how we talked about the taboo below!




Thank you to our production team, JV Studios, for the following behind-the-scenes pics!







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