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Creative of the Month

June 2021 Featured Creative

June 2021 Featured Creative

Getting Real with Prosacea Rosacea Care

For those affected by rosacea—a skin condition that can cause bumps, redness and irritation—finding a treatment that works is a top priority. So when our client, Alva Amco Pharmacal, engaged us to craft a digital campaign for Prosacea, its medicated gel for effective rosacea treatment, we put results in full focus.

The winning concept was a product demonstration approach to showcase its efficacy. From video spots that highlighted the difference Prosacea makes to landing page content featuring before and after images of real people (who we crowdsourced via social outreach!), we built a compelling visual case for the over-the-counter remedy.

But we didn’t stop there. We also wanted to drive real results for Alva Amco by keeping its online experience top-notch. So we designed and tested two versions of an updated product-specific landing page to see which engaged web visitors best.

By tracking everything from user clicks to time-on-page to page drop-offs, we made data-informed adjustments across mobile and desktop to deliver a final landing page that’s set new records in digital performance.

Click around for yourself at prosacea.com, or peruse some of the rosy work below!




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