Aiming for Positive Change with DART

Introducing Plan B’s Diversity & Anti-Racism Team

When it comes to building a better future, we’re all accountable. Agencies included. That’s why we’re excited to announce the formation of DART—Plan B’s first formal Diversity & Anti-Racism Team.

Bringing together Bs across all departments and leadership levels, DART aims to make a positive impact by combating racism and improving diversity and inclusion through pointed efforts across three strategic pillars: 

  1. Industry — directing efforts at the broader advertising, marketing, and creative communities to which our agency belongs and contributes
  2. Internally — promoting change at the company level through active efforts at Plan B, including improving hiring practices and fostering an inclusive agency culture
  3. Individually — exploring how we might improve as individuals through self-examination, reflection, education and professional development

With some key initiatives already in the works, we look forward to sharing updates about DART’s ongoing efforts and encourage those both in our industry and beyond to take similar steps, uniting efforts to build a brighter future for all.

DART at Plan B

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