The Gift of Good Marketing

The holiday season is officially here, and for marketers – it’s the most wonderful time of the year. As the rest of the world dons its festive apparel, brands are gearing up to boost sales and connect with customers in a more meaningful way. To help make the most of this season, Plan B has compiled a list of tips for successful holiday marketing – don’t forget to check it twice!

Tap into nostalgia

The holiday season is fueled by the glow of childhood memories and longstanding traditions. As marketers, this can be a vital tool for campaigns. Leaning into emotion and appealing to consumers’ memories of holidays past can forge a more meaningful connection to your brand.

Lean into customer loyalty

During this time of year, people like to feel appreciated. So – whether it’s a personalized holiday card, a discount code, or even a free product – send some sort of gift to your loyal customers thanking them for their business and letting them know they always come first. A strong bond with your customers will help with long-term retention, with data showing 81% of consumers shopped for specific brands during the 2021 holiday season because of their loyalty.

Sell the spirit

People aren’t just shopping for tangible goods during the holidays – they’re looking to buy into the joyful spirit as well. Instead of strictly focusing on providing the best gift ideas, go the extra mile and sell customers the seasonal magic too. Offer gift-wrapping services and limited-edition products, decorate your stores, and incorporate the festive spirit into your social media and website. With past holiday spending totaling a whopping $889 billion in the U.S., an enhanced customer experience will open the door to exponentially more sales. 

Become a partner to you customers

While the holidays are intended to be a season of joy, they can cause a lot of anxiety as well – with Yahoo finance reporting 60% of Americans have increased anxiety during this time of year. Help mitigate your customers’ stress and improve their holiday experience by providing content, services, and products that lighten their load – such as free delivery, hosting guides, and one-day shipping. Not only will they appreciate your products, but they’ll always remember your dedication to going above and beyond.

As we enter the holiday season, make sure your brand is properly decking the halls. Follow these tips to shine bright, spread the joy, and create memorable experiences for your customers.

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