Advertising to Older Audiences

May is Older Americans Month, and as experts in the senior living industry, our team is celebrating by sharing five tips on how to advertise effectively to older adults.

Build Trust

Many Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are dedicated brand loyalists who are also very cautious about giving out their information. This special combination highlights just how important trust is to older Americans. For successful lead generation in the senior demographic, brands must be upfront and honest about their purpose, how they will improve consumers’ lives, and how they plan on using customer information. Build trust to build your consumer base!

Use Strategic Promo Tools

Everyone loves free stuff, that’s just one of the facts of life. However, at a certain age, many people aren’t looking for more useless junk to lock away in a closet – even if it’s free. If you want to make a lasting impression on older Americans with your promotional merchandise, make it something they’ll use in everyday life.

Avoid Fear-Based Tactics

In the past, fear-based marketing has been a common technique for targeting seniors. Brands have used health and safety concerns to scare older Americans into buying their products. However, in this day and age, seniors have complete access to the Internet and media to stay informed and connected and can smell fear-based marketing from a mile away.

Choose The Right Visuals

When choosing visuals to appeal to an older audience, choose images they can relate to. Although they may be categorized as “seniors,” older Americans are incredibly active and independent, and like to be seen as so. Plus, most people see themselves as 5-10 years younger than they actually are. So, to resonate with older generations, keep visuals positive and realistic. Use images that showcase seniors living their lives to the fullest.

Celebrate Aging

Maybe one of the most important aspects of marketing to older Americans is to recognize that aging is not a negative experience – it should be celebrated! While growing older can be seen as a negative, it can be exciting. Seniors have spent their whole lives working to create a legacy, and their legacy should be acknowledged. Framing aging as a positive experience will help build a strong relationship with older customers.

For some examples of our senior living campaigns, check out our work!

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