Specialty non-prescription pharmaceutical producer Alva-Amco wanted to rebrand its psoriasis medication Psoriasin to entrench the product in the market and create lasting brand recognition. So, the company turned to Plan B to deliver a 30-second commercial concept that would market Psoriasin as the clear and lasting solution.

Step one, market research.

In collaboration with Alva-Amco, our team began concepting based on two major needs for the ad: (1) language that spoke earnestly to psoriasis sufferers without diminishing their condition and (2) executional methods that accurately portrayed the feeling of relief captured by Psoriasin.

Our team developed three concepts that executed both categories while offering a unique take on Psoriasin. Alva-Amco liked all three ads; however, they wanted to ensure whichever concept was chosen would play well within the market. That’s where the market testers come in. They gave invaluable feedback that allowed our team to tweak and update to fully encapsulate the experience of psoriasis sufferers. And after two rounds of revision, Alva-Amco selected the concept “Fight Back Against Flare-ups.”

This concept resonated with Alva-Amco’s market testers thanks to its strong language, intimate understanding of psoriasis symptoms and striking iconography. The concept tagline directly tackles a major frustration of psoriasis sufferers (flare-ups) and the language used within the ad speaks to the root causes of the skin condition. 

Furthermore, our team really wanted to personify the struggle of psoriasis sufferers and give viewers an image they could identify with. That was when our team developed the idea of the ‘Flame Demons’. These psoriasis monsters were the perfect stand-in for the constant fight against psoriasis and helped create a visual identity that would further strengthen brand recognition against Alva-Amco’s competitors.

Next step, filming the commercial.

Psoriasin Commercial – Fight Back

Throughout the next month, our team worked alongside our video production partner JV Studios and Alva-Amco to determine location, talent, wardrobe and a shot list to ensure a smooth shoot. When it came time to film, the preparation paid off with a single day of consistent camerawork.

And after some fine-tuning, Alva-Amco could not have been more pleased with the final product.

Last step, update the Psoriasin landing page and go live.

You can check out the final landing page and video here. And if you would like to see more Plan B work, travel over to our client projects page.

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