A Taste of Digital Testing for Seattle Sutton’s

Established in 1985, Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating was an early entry in home meal delivery prior to the boom in the category in recent years. Even today, Seattle Sutton’s stands apart from the competition with its uniquely crafted “chef-prepared” offerings that are carefully designed with registered dietitian oversight.

However, with the market so saturated with meal kit and home delivery services, Seattle Sutton’s has struggled in recent years to stand out in an increasingly crowded field. Recognizing this challenge, the company turned to Plan B for our proven expertise in crafting highly persuasive communications combined with our Radically Sharper Targeting strategy. 

For Seattle Sutton’s, Plan B devised a multi-phase strategy that involved identifying three customer target segments with distinct needs and desires for a data-driven digital testing and research campaign. Our team then developed engaging creative concepts for each target segment and designed social ads, banner ads, and landing pages. The campaign was then launched for an 8-week period leading up to the holiday season.  

 Below are three customer segments that Plan B identified and then executed creative messaging around:

  • Health Driven – with an emphasis on dietitian-designed meals. Mentions of the type of maladies addressed were included, as well as aspects of management prevention, using an authoritative health tone while not tipping too medical.
  • Health for Life – revolving around the idea of “your active lifestyle fueled well”  and with an emphasis on Whole Body Health. Uses a preventative tone to health condition avoidance by continuing your current success.
  • Simply Smart – relaying the message of “You know how to get the most out of what’s available” while recognizing the savviness of the customer and how they jump on fads or fall for scams. Concept also emphasizes the value of Seattle Sutton’s expertise and trusted solutions, as well as the ease of getting meals that both taste great and are great for you.





The data and insights gained from the testing for this pilot campaign are being used to refine messaging and influence creative for additional targeted communications in 2023.

Learn more about how Plan B’s Radically Sharper Targeting can help your business.

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