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Creative of the Month



Atturo Tires are big, bold, and designed to make a statement. So, when Plan B’s longtime client tapped us to develop a new creative campaign, we thought it was smart to finally let those badass tires speak for themselves.

Launched in March, the new “If These Tires Could Talk” campaign is the latest evolution in our brand storytelling for Atturo with the intent of appealing to Light Truck, Jeep, SUV, and muscle car enthusiasts seeking high-quality tires at an affordable price. Additionally, the campaign features messaging that speaks to independent tire dealers looking to turn a profit.

Leveraging the design feel, color scheme, and attitude from our prior category-rattling campaigns promoting Atturo’s “Go Your Own Way” brand positioning, “If These Tires Could Talk” places vehicles with Atturo’s rugged Trail Blade series off-road tires or flashy AZ series high-performance tires in unexpected – and often outlandish – scenarios.

Each ad’s visual is just begging for a tale to be told – and tell them we do, with playful copy promoting the unique aspects of each tire model. By giving Atturo tires a big voice of their own and making them the shining star of each ad, the campaign is helping the brand further stand out in an industry crowded with big brands and other independent dealers.

So go ahead and take a spin through some of our “If These Tires Could Talk” ads so far to discover what Atturo Tires have to tell you.



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