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Ask The B Team, B-Side

Outsourcing VS. In-Housing: Which is stupider?

Outsourcing VS. In-Housing: Which is stupider?


Plan B - In-housing versus outsourcing

The question of which parts of your business to complete in-house vs. which parts to outsource isn’t a new one – but for many businesses, it’s one that never gets any easier.

In-housing sounds smart because it gives you complete control over results at a lower cost, but it can be stupid trying to always recruit – and retain – enough talented employees. Outsourcing sounds smart because it takes a load off your plate and serves up a greater variety of thinking, but it can stupidly leave you fat, lazy, and broke.

So, what’s a company to do? Well, you can learn about having the best of both worlds.

Get the full story on the ins and outs of sourcing from the experts at Plan B.

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