Constructing an Anthem Video for Unilock’s Annual Conference

A Display of Plan B Craftsmanship

Unilock has been a paving and hardscaping leader for 50 years, with their Authorized Contractor program acting as a key facet of their foothold in the industry. But as they prepared for this year’s annual Authorized Contractor Conference, they identified a new challenge. They needed to somehow appeal to both younger, next-generation contractors as well as their bread-and-butter force in the field: loyal and seasoned industry veterans.

With a tight deadline looming, they turned to Plan B for a “show-starting” sizzle video to spotlight the unmistakable value of being part of their Authorized Contractor program. 

To make it happen, we curated existing video assets from the client’s archives (and applied a little elbow grease of our own) to create an uproarious call to arms in the form of an inspiring anthem video that celebrates the artisanal sledging, sawing, tile-busting, concrete-smashing, hardscaping culture — and what it truly means to be a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

How’d it go? Well, the final cut was so well received at the live conference that attending contractors requested their own copies of the video to help promote their businesses.

We’ll take that over a high-five any day of the week. Watch the video below!

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