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Creative of the Month

December 2021: Featured Creative

December 2021: Featured Creative

A Perfect Plan from the B-Team

Hanes – renowned for their briefs and boxers – was eager to introduce its new line of “Perfect“ printwear products: High-quality garments (called “blanks”) produced using all-new Clean Canvas™ technology for enhanced printing capabilities.  

Part of their challenge was overcoming the perception that Hanes is solely a T-shirt and underwear brand, so the B team had to think outside the “boxer” on this one.  

After pitching nine unique directions, one idea appeared a cut above the rest: “Don’t Take any BLANK!” became the bold, anthemic cry for anyone in the industry who expected more from their printwear. Dressed with a catalog, promotional swag, display ads, social media assets, and customer emails, this inaugural campaign is shaping Hanes’ printwear identity as a brand proudly offering something new and different in a sea of sameness.

Try on some of our work here for size!


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