Thinking Outside the Boxers with Digital Marketing for Hanes

A Perfect Plan from the B-Team

Hanes – renowned for their briefs and boxers – was eager to introduce its new line of “Perfect“ printwear products: High-quality garments (called “blanks”) produced using all-new Clean Canvas™ technology for enhanced printing capabilities.  

Part of their challenge was overcoming the perception that Hanes is solely a T-shirt and underwear brand, so the B team had to think outside the “boxer” on this one. With our creative juices flowing and our B2B expertise shaping our approach, we got to work.

After pitching nine unique directions, one idea appeared a cut above the rest: “Don’t Take any BLANK!” became the bold, anthemic cry for anyone in the industry who expected more from their printwear. Dressed with a catalog, promotional swag, display ads, social media assets, and customer emails, this inaugural campaign is shaping Hanes’ printwear identity as a brand proudly offering something new and different in a sea of sameness.

Try on some of our work here for size!


Hanes - Don’t take any blank campaign email Hanes - Don’t take any blank campaign bag mockup Hanes - Don’t take any blank campaign landing page Hanes - Don’t take any blank campaign landing pageHanes - Don’t take any blank campaign guidebook

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