Putting Rubber to the Road with a Brand New Atturo Tires Catalog


Atturo is no middle-of-the-road aftermarket tire company. Appealing to a consumer who values style as highly as performance, they have cemented a solid reputation in a crowded field. As their longtime marketing partner, Atturo tapped Plan B to develop an all-new dealer catalog, which is one of their most important tools for supporting and expanding their dealer network, as well as driving sales. So, rather than create a bland listing of part numbers and specs, we worked up a piece that conveyed the renegade spirit that fuels the lifestyle of their fans.  

Maintaining the bold style of our consumer-facing advertising, every spread of the catalog puts their line of high-performance tires in a vibrant light. Each tire model is placed in context on a vehicle favored by a segment of their consumers, while branded messaging underscores their unique benefits. Additional details are outlined in colorful visuals that showcase their careful engineering. We then clearly organized the size and spec details for each model in charts for easy reference. The result is a piece that is both useful and striking.

So take the work out for a spin!

Atturo - product catalog

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