A Delicious Solution to Healthcare Communications for Loyola



When Loyola Medicine needed to upgrade their medical record software platform, Epic, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they turned to Plan B for a solution that would inform its team of what to expect, all with added appreciation for their extra efforts. And after helping them create their successful Body & Soul campaign, we had a pretty good idea of what they were looking for.

After we cooked up and shared a number of creative ideas, Loyola Medicine selected our custom-designed cookie boxes, complete with individually sealed cookies for safe consumption. So we got to work coordinating the delivery of over 12,500 of these delicious gratifications across 200+ nurse’s stations in the Loyola network.

Not only did every nurse receive a confectionary token of appreciation, but an essential dose of information about sweet updates coming to the Epic platform.

Get a taste of the work below!

Loyola Medicine - custom direct mail piece - cookie box Loyola Medicine - custom direct mail piece - cookie box and printed inserts



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