Let’s Tok About Social Media Marketing



Today, there are two meanings to the word “viral”. One that should be diligently avoided (mask up!), and one that many people, as well as most consumer brands, strive to achieve (#famous).

As the world’s fastest-growing social media platform in 2020 (with more than a billion users worldwide!) TikTok is the latest frontrunner in viral rises to internet renown. While it’s still known to many as the darling of lip-syncing teenage dancers, nearly 60% of the platforms’s users are now age 31 or older. This means that TikTok is growing up– and it’s becoming a legitimate channel for social media marketing.


Tik Tok app on iPhone


Where’s the Feta?

Almost every brand has an established presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But TikTok – with its focus on quirky video content – offers a unique way for brands to connect with trend-minded and tech-savvy audiences, while promoting products in out-of-the-box ways.

For example, TikTok can cause roller skates to make a comeback. It can conjure up endless search results for an ultra-specific shaving powder. And it can even create a run on Feta cheese! If a product becomes a TikTok trend through a clever video or campaign, it’s liable to end up leaving shelves empty, and e-commerce carts full.


You Want In?

For or brands already on the platform, Native advertising is the name of the game. To gain notoriety on the platform, relying on content that blends into users’ pages is essential. Brand accounts should feel like “regular” TikTok user’s accounts by following trends, posting relevant content, jumping on trending challenges, or securing influencer partnerships… Even if that means teaching a dog to slam dunk. Check out what some brands are doing on TikTok below!



work smarter not harder @pablorochat #chipotle #burrito #pranks #viral #trending #comedy #fyp

♬ original sound – Chipotle



We put our #Vans retail family to the test: who can tie a pair of Vans the fastest? Tell us in the comments your record time. #vanslaceupchallenge




So glad we can spend less and smile more this holiday season thanks to Amazon 🎁 ❤️ @wilkingsisters

♬ original sound – Amazon




there’s a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich in town #mcdonalds #mcd #fyp #crispychickensandwich #crispyjuicytender

♬ original sound – McDonald’s



*recalculating* @chrissydicara #targetrun #fyp

♬ original sound – target


It’s wise to claim your brand’s handle, and spend some time investigating if TikTok is a fit for your social media marketing. For many industries, TikTok is still uncharted waters for brands, offering an opportunity to get in on the action… Before the competition does! 


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