A Unilock Virtual Hardscaping Event Made Easy by Plan B

Once We Built It (Virtually), They Did Come

Here’s one of those feel-good stories about how life’s lemons became crowd-pleasing lemonade.

Unilock, an industry-leader in the manufacture of hardscaping materials (think pavers, patios and landscaping structures), had long relied on live events to share their latest products and construction expertise with contractors and other industry pros. These in-person events were vital to their business, as they fostered new relationships, cemented existing ones, and drove sales. You can probably guess where this is going.

Once the pandemic hit, in-person events went out the window. Thankfully, Unilock had a Plan B. We leveraged our online expertise and got right to work staging their next major annual event…this time for the virtual space. This meant identifying a tech platform that could provide the right mix of features and functionality to best impart the energy and professionalism of their traditional live appearance.

Time was also of the essence. With rigorous project management shepherding every step, we expeditiously developed event concepts, produced all promotional communications to drive attendance, and directed the on-site production of live seminar segments and demonstrations.

In the end, you might say we helped Unilock pave the way to a future full of fresh new possibilities (insert pun groan here), connecting thousands of contractors across five North American regions to one awesome series of events.

Grab a glass of something refreshing and check out some of the work below!

Virtual Unilock Event

Unilock Mobile Examples

Unilock Landing Pages

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