A Modern Ad Campaign for Mather’s Senior Living Community

Catching Eyes & Interest for a Standout Senior Living Community

Sweeping mountain views. Designer homes. Mouth-watering restaurants. Plus, swimming pools, putting courses, housekeeping, and so much more.

With all its resort-like amenities, Splendido—a Mather residence in Tucson, Arizona—doesn’t look like the traditional retirement community. And with the unique future benefits of a Life Plan, it really isn’t one, either. It’s an innovative way to live (and age!) well.

So when the Mather needed a way to promote this unique community—the only one of its kind in the Tucson area—in a way that was far outside what would be expected for marketing to older adults, we got extra creative.

The result? A head-turning campaign driving some real, invested interest!

Check out a few of the campaign pieces, below!

Mather Splendido Print Ad - lizard in hat

Mather Splendido Print Direct Mail - Lizard and property shot

Mather Splendido Print Ad - bird with inner tube

Mather Splendido Print Ad - villa home



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