Hitting the Gas on Video and Digital Assets for McLaren

Gearing Up Promotions for the McLaren GT

More than admired, exceptional cars ought to be driven. At least, that was the thinking behind the McLaren GT—a high-performance vehicle blending the prestige and power of the British manufacturer’s F1 heritage with the everyday practicality of a Grand Tourer, including features like more cabin comforts and storage space.

Now that the time has come to introduce the GT to North America, we’re leveraging our automotive expertise to help McLaren rev up excitement with everything from a short sizzle video, to a feature in auto enthusiast magazine Road & Track, to dealership-personalized emails, social posts, and direct mail hyper-localized by region and personalized by driver type.

Here are just a few of our favorite creative pieces!

McLaren in Road & Track magazine


McLaren GT Direct Mailers McLaren GT Emails McLaren GT Social Post in Smartphone

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