On your marks. Get set. VOTE!

It's So Easy, Even This Guy's Doing It.

Are you up to the task?

No matter if you vote red, blue, green, or somewhere in between, what counts most this election season is having your vote count! That’s why we’ve put together a few helpful tips and resources to make sure you’re ready, set, and registered to cast your ballot this November…even if it’s from the comfort of a well-worn recliner!

  • First time? Register!
    It only takes a couple minutes and a few clicks. Seriously.
    Register Now→
  • Recently moved? Update your registration!
    Check out these guidelines to learn how.
    Make an Update→
  • Like convenience? Vote by mail!
    Available only in select states—see if it’s an option for you.
    Check Now→

It doesn't take a genius to vote...but you can still be smart about voting.

While voting’s as easy as filling in bubbles and blanks, how—and who—you cast your vote for has a real, measurable impact. So before you uncap your dark-colored pen and cast that vote for Pedro, you might want to check out a few of these resources to help inform those grey-area guesses.

  • Policy Quiz
    No, it’s not perfectly objective, but it’s close to it if you’re not sure which candidate best represents your views.
    Take the Quiz→
  • Directory of Elected Officials
    See who’s representing you on a federal, state, and local level.
    Find Officials→
  • Everything But the Kitchen Sink
    Virtually every voting resource you could possibly need, all in one place.
    Browse Now→

Wasn't That Easy?

Here’s a virtual “I VOTED” sticker for your trouble. Consider it our way of saying thanks for doing your part. ?

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