Turning Technical Jargon into Helpful Infographics for S&C Electric

Creating Electrifying Infographics with S&C

For power solutions company S&C Electric, explaining complex electrical products to a diverse customer base—not all of which have an engineering background—was proving a challenge. So, they turned to Plan B for a creative solution.

Working closely with S&C’s product and subject matter experts, we distilled jargon-heavy language into skimmable key points anyone could understand. Then, we illustrated those points to form an infographic that not only made the information clearer, but more engaging, too!

Following the success of the first infographic, S&C soon turned to us for another…and then, another! If that’s not enough to tell you how they felt about our work, check out their video testimonial here.

And while we certainly haven’t earned our electrical engineering degrees developing countless more over the years, we have gained a wealth of knowledge about cutting-edge electrical innovation worth getting wired about!

Check out a few of the recent pieces we’ve created below!

S&E Infographic 3S&C Infographic 4S&C infographic 1

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