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Creative of the Month, Videos

June 2020 Featured Creative

June 2020 Featured Creative

Helping Loyola Medicine Welcome Back Patients in Light of a Pandemic

In the wake of a global pandemic, regional health provider, Loyola Medicine—a member of Trinity Health—had delayed some of its non-essential health services to focus on delivering COVID-19 care.

When it came time to resume those “paused” services, Loyola faced a unique challenge: not only would it need to announce the continuation of normal health care, but also assure patients that it was safe to return. With just weeks to “reopening,” Loyola knew it needed to act fast…so it turned to Plan B.

Within days—and working remotely!—we delivered a 90 second video announcing the “reopening” of Loyola’s care, all while featuring its measures prioritizing patient safety. We also developed a variety of multichannel assets to maximize the reach of this message, including radio spots, digital banners, print ads, and social posts.

After proving its success with Loyola, we helped version the animated video for a variety of hospitals within the Trinity Health system, encouraging patients nationwide to return to care with confidence.

Check out a few of the communications below!


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