Helping Brands Connect with Their Audience During COVID-19

When a crisis turns your industry on its head, you have to think – and act – fast.

It also helps to have a partner, and here are a few of the fast-track video solutions that Plan B helped develop with some of our loyal clients to keep them connected with their customers during the pandemic shutdown. To hear what they had to say about these solutions, check out our testimonials page.

Loyola Medicine Issues an Important Health Update

In the midst of the global pandemic, there was quite a bit of confusion over just who could visit the hospital and for what reasons. This lack of clarity put countless lives at risk, as people stayed home with serious conditions due to fears of COVID-19.

After establishing strict procedures and guidelines that would protect the health and safety of both patients and caregivers, Loyola needed to quickly get the word out to assure people that their hospitals were open for important screenings and procedures. With trademark agility, Plan B got to work and helped develop an ambitious integrated campaign that could be used by Loyola and adapted for its nationwide network of affiliated hospitals.

At the heart of the campaign was a video that addressed common questions and concerns. This was deployed online and in broadcast, and the creative was then adapted for print, digital banners, and radio. In a few short weeks from kickoff, the campaign was in the market and hopefully helping to save lives. Watch the video:

Atturo Steers ‘Tire Talk’ On New Terrain

Each spring and summer, off-road truck and Jeep enthusiasts rev their engines at outdoor vehicle events nationwide. Or, at least, they did until COVID-19 slammed the brakes on such gatherings. As a regular presenter at these shows that attract thousands of attendees, the shutdown left client Atturo Tires without the valuable face-to-face connection with customers and prospects that it annually enjoys.

As a result, Atturo decided to fill that void by re-creating that face-to-face connection online with the launch of “Tire Talk” – a Facebook Live webcast broadcast weekly during the coronavirus shutdown. Hosted by two members of Atturo’s marketing team, the show features a special guest for a lively discussion of industry news and trends, vehicles, and Atturo products.

With things turning on a dime, Plan B quickly jumped in to help Atturo with the promotion of “Tire Talk” via social posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, driving more than 1,600 views, 600 engagements and 150 comments for the first two episodes. In the weeks since, Plan B has worked with Atturo to extend the life of each episode on YouTube, IGTV, Spotify and other podcast platforms, while creating a vault of video snippet highlights that will be leveraged on social throughout the summer, even as industry events begin to open back up. Check out an episode of Tire Talk:


Keiser Flexes its Social Media Muscle

When the coronavirus pandemic shuttered gyms and health clubs worldwide, most of global fitness equipment manufacturer Keiser’s customers and social media followers were suddenly left without a place to get their usual workouts in.

Enter Plan B.

Within a week, our team leveraged Keiser’s video library to develop a content strategy and new creative assets designed to help the brand’s social media followers still get their gym fix at home. Through aspirational “Exercise of the Day” videos showcasing workouts on Keiser equipment and an educational series of strength and cardio workshops from Keiser’s Master Trainers, the brand added nearly 1,000 followers on Instagram and enjoyed a 25% spike in impressions and engagement during the month of April.

Browse Keiser’s Instagram and watch an Exercise of the Day video:


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