Plan B Positioning Video

The numbers are in. More and more marketers are investing bigger chunks of their marketing budgets in martech and adtech to optimize their lead-gen and CRM initiatives (and demonstrate ROI!). So, not surprisingly, there’s a growing demand for specialization in the art and science of leveraging data to both pinpoint prospects (adtech) and personalize their customer journey (martech). Delivering communications wherever they are: Broadcast. Narrowcast. Online. Offline. Cable. Mobile. Even OTT.

Doing this requires having a partner not only with the expertise to extract customer insights from an expanding constellation of touchpoints, but also the strategic savvy and digital agility to act on them expeditiously––all without compromising adherence to well-established brand standards.

This is where a partner like Plan B excels, affording you the best of all worlds. The technical proficiency. The brand oversight. The seamless coordination. So as you’re looking to develop your next Customer Experience (CX) program, don’t underestimate the impact of partnering with a strong adtech/martech partner –– someone skilled in navigating the sophisticated synchronization of your most ambitious data-enhanced marketing initiatives, from radically sharper targeting to catching up with the cord-cutting streamers on their OTT apps and platforms.

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