Plan B Posts of Christmas Past

As another year winds down, conversations become ripe with reflection. Take a moment and revisit the things that mattered most over the years… Things like Plan B’s favorite holiday videos. Enjoy!

Santa’s Post-Game Press Conference (2016)
Give the bitmojis a rest, grab some milk and cookies, and check out Santa’s now notorious post ride press conference.


The Agency Elf on the Shelf (2014)
The year we received some help with internal naughty or nice audits from our very own agency Elf on a Shelf. Check out how we did.


Checking Off Our Checklists (2012)
The holiday music you know and love, except way more “lit”, as the kids would say. Like wayyyy more lit.


The New Guy at the Office (2011)
Advertising isn’t for everyone. Check out how Kris Kringle fared as the “new guy” at Plan B.

Happy holidays from your festive friends at Plan B!


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