October Featured Creative

Ad Age Kia Stinger Contest

In an effort to engage a younger demographic, Kia recently encouraged art and design students to express their creativity through its Driving Creativity Contest. So, for fun, we had our creative interns step on the gas and get going.

The task was to create a print ad that would effectively capture the Kia Stinger’s spirit of youthful rebellion and creative disruption, while portraying Kia as a forward-thinking, convention-defying brand.

Our interns’ creative concept combined the rebellious nature of the car with its high-speed performance, a new territory for Kia and an important feature to highlight. The idea of the get-away car was born, in which the Kia Stinger was positioned as the escape plan for leaving uncomfortable situations behind.

CREDITS — Copywriter: Connor Pinto | Art Director: Claudia Testa

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