September Featured Creative

Plan B Business Cards

This month we’re taking a break from featuring client work to showcase a little something fun we did for ourselves.

Rethinking traditional business cards (which are too often DIS-carded shortly after they’re distributed), we came up with an alternative approach. Instead of using our cards to convey the sterile basics of name and title, we decided to playfully bake in some more personal information about our team players.

Each Plan B business card is truly unique, featuring a posed “All-Star” photo of the individual, functionally helping our new clients, partners, and prospects put a face with the name. The back of each card is equally custom, adorned with baseball card-like “career stats” that paint a more complete and interesting employee portrait than a traditional card design could.

The cards have been a huge hit in recent meetings, helping break the ice in showing off how strategically rethinking something as simple as a business card can make a big difference in making that all-important first impression.


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