McLaren: We Really Did Fix It in Post

On Sunday March 12, 2017, we had a one-day video shoot at the Concours d’Elegance in Amelia Island, Florida.

The object: A breathtaking McLaren 570GT (the client gave us the keys for the day and said “go nuts.”)

We had just one day – a one-time, make-it-or-break-it opportunity with a $210,000 F1-inspired supercar.

It was perfect…but for one thing.

The weather.

The forecast was so bad the Ritz-Carlton moved a large part of the outdoor event indoors. It rained much of the night before… as well as the day of the shoot. And when it wasn’t raining, the sky swirled with dark, gloomy clouds.

We joked about fixing it in post, because not shooting was not an option. But shooting a gray car on a gray day against a gray spring backdrop made for a flat, drab, monochromatic video.

So, we summoned our inner post-production editing wizards and pulled off an amazing feat of movie magic, “fixing” the weather in post.

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