Roses are red, apples are green, the Cubs are the champs of 2016

Excuse us as we breathe a collective sigh of relief – then let out a joyous, triumphant hurrah.

It was a fittingly wild end to an absolute treasure of a season. From Opening Day on, this team was captivating. And by the end, it was all-consuming, so much so that we couldn’t help but subconsciously draw some parallels between what goes on in the dugout and what we do at our desks. There was no shortage of similarities. The importance of strong leadership and strategic thinking, the firm belief that simply being good isn’t enough – Exceptional is the rule, after all – and the willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and just be ourselves. You can’t help but love this team, and we couldn’t help but reflect on what we just witnessed.



“One quote – MEANT TO BE. Leave it to the Cubs to not only force a Game 7, but the most stressful Game 7 in history (in my mind). My ruined nails and blisters from marching to Wrigley last night are completely worth this feeling – GO CUBS, GO!” – Taylor



“I said after attending the NLCS Game 6 clincher at Wrigley, that if the Cubs do win their first championship since 1908, I don’t think it can possibly be more emotional for me than it was seeing them reach the World Series for the first time since ’45. I thought it may be just as emotional, but that it wouldn’t be more so. I was wrong.” – Dave



“Who would have thought baseball could be as exciting as cricket… truly grateful to have been in Chicago for this historical event.” – Bradford



Was such a roller coaster of a series. So many emotions and it is just so satisfying to see this come to an end in such a spectacular way. Extra innings, the rain delay and putting the final edge of your seat nail in the coffin! They finally broke the goat! Go Cubs!” – Lucas


“Glad I could finally experience a Cubs World Series with the guy who taught me the game. Thanks, Dad.” – Brian G.

“I’m not a huge baseball fan, nor a native Chicagoan, but seeing a whole city so united and excited was really inspiring. Being in a room filled with people all rooting for the same thing and sharing a few drinks had me feeling like I was part of the team.” – Nathan



“I’ve been in a serious relationship with the Bulls. I’ve casually dated the Bears. I’ve even had a few flings with the Hawks. But the Cubs have always been the one. And now finally – FINALLY! – we put a ring on it.” – Stefan





“I’ve said it many times over the years, but I’ve never been more excited to say “Wait ‘till next year!” This isn’t just the end of a drought. It’s the beginning of a dynasty!” –


“The comfort of misery is gone.” – Clay

“They touch the lives of all Chicagoans, even if they aren’t a baseball fan.” – Vanessa



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