We Made a Jif Gif

Yesterday, our management team spent the day in an Arrested Development-esque sweat lodge (or a temporary office space down the street—you choose) for eight intense hours of deep business discussions and team-building activities.

This could be a blog post describing how we’re a better partner to our clients because of this retreat. And how the rest of us, left to our own devices in a half-empty office, put on our halos and diligently got to work, pausing only to use the bathroom (once every 4 hours).

But instead, we’ll tell you what the rest of us REALLY did with our day:

– We ate Skittles for breakfast [1 hr]

– We engaged in a heated debate on whether “gif” is pronounced “gif” or “jif” [2 hours]

– We settled our debate by creating a “jif gif” using our favorite gifs (you’re welcome, world) [3 hrs]

– We took a break to discuss our feelings on Ariana Grande [45 minutes]

– We wrote a blog post confessing our sins [1.25 hrs]

– And last but not least, we proved the value of our managers

Here’s our hard day’s work in action:


Welcome back, guys.

Please consider this our group timesheet submission for 7/9/15.

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