Top 11 Indications Your “Innovative” Agency Is Only In It For Themself

Innovation partners are the new Snuggie: everyone has one (whether you want to admit it or not), but after the thrill of their “innovative” appeal wears away, they’re just a blanket with sleeves. Similarly to that flashy ad agency that came in and promised you the world, but only leaves you with flops and invoices.

What you really need is Plan B’s BombShelter™—an on-demand agency that doesn’t just aid in innovation, but that factors honesty into our evaluations, sharing insights and realities that give your products a lasting market legacy, rather than one defined as “made-for-tv.”

Still think your current “innovation” agency is the right fit for you? Just ask yourself if these are the types of innovations that they’re likely to implement.

  1. Their new bill-o-matic. Very efficient at billing you. Serving your account? Meh.
  2. Their excuse forms. Something go wrong? There’s an excuse for that.
  3. The intern initiation initiative. Small budget? Give it to the interns.
  4. Something they call “the violator.” It’s not what you think, but you still don’t want to know.
  5. Their state-of-the-art video conference call mannequins. Your whole team is on the call. Or are they?
  6. Their multipurpose recycling bins: Why come up with a new idea when there’s in those shiny blue boxes!
  7. QVC: questionably valid costs.
  8. Their new improved formula. See “recycling bins.”
  9. Their co-pack initiative. One project. Double the invoicing.
  10. They pioneered “pout sourcing”: The team that whines the least about working on it…works on it.

Indications Number One



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