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Top 11 Powersports Events We Hope To See In Our Lifetime

Top 11 Powersports Events We Hope To See In Our Lifetime

Here are a few powersports events of the future we’re chomping at the bit to see—and perhaps participate in. What would you like to see? Let us know in the comments for a chance to win a fresh addition to your fleet.

  1. Hell On One Wheel: High-Horsepower Motorized Unicycling
  2. Shoot n’ Ride: Motorcycle Paintball
  3. Flyer Derby: Pro Jetpack Racing
  4. Petit Grand Prix: Extreme Motor Scootering
  5. Gnarly ATV Half-Pipe Competition
  6. Dirt Dancers: Synchronized Dirt Bike Ballet
  7. Crazy-Fast Class V Whitewater Jet Ski Racing
  8. Throttle & Fall: BASE Motorcycling
  9. UTVs At Indy: The Side-By-Side 500
  10. Dead Malls & Dune Buggies: Urban Buggy Racing

Powersports Number One

Here at Plan B, we sure do love our “big boy” toys. Anything with a motor, some wheels, a propeller, wings or any combination thereof, we’re on board. Literally. In fact, our Chief Operating Officer is the worst offender. He’s the proud owner of an ATV, a UTV, 3 dirt bikes, a fishing boat, several motor scooters, a pit bike and a tricked-out, all-terrain golf-cart. Our Group Creative Director cruises to the office on a Vespa. And the copywriter writing this piece rides an ’84 Honda Nighthawk to work every day (when I’m not taking it apart and putting it back together!).

What’s all this mean for you? It means when you call us for marketing assistance, there’s no need to get us “up to speed” on your industry’s trends. We’re already there. And chances are, we may even be ahead of you.


8 thoughts on “Top 11 Powersports Events We Hope To See In Our Lifetime

    1. The high-speed Bass Boat Racing is perfect! It’s got to be a minimum 350hp four-stroke motor, and you get bonus points if you catch a bass “speed-trolling”! Lol

  1. While I can barely stay upright while running and paintballing, it would be epic to do this on a motorcycle.

    Step 1: Learn to ride motorcycle.

    Maybe I’m better off watching…

  2. This is all quite exciting, but can you imagine jet ski Frisbee where you jump off the jet ski to catch the Frisbee and do all sorts of wonderful tricks!!!

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