Top 11 Harsh Realities of Winter in Chicago

After a looooooong season of being bombarded by 40 mph wind gusts, shivering through sub-zero temperatures and trudging through foot after foot of snow, we couldn’t be more excited to move past this winter.

To celebrate the official first day of spring, we’ve reflected back on the past few months of 2014 and compiled a list of the harsh realities we’ve realized during one of the worst winters in Illinois history.

  1. Nike Shox simply don’t cut it as snow boots
  2. The more times your nose hair freezes together, the less funny it gets
  3. Dog poop doesn’t magically disappear in snow
  4. Your scarf acts as a constant reminder of your far-from-fresh breath…
  5. …Yet you’ve learned the hard way that cold air and spearmints don’t mix
  6. You would do anything for some Vitamin D
  7. You’re more likely to get hit by falling ice than by a car
  8. “Dibs” isn’t going anywhere
  9. Just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean it’s warm
  10. A polar vortex could strike on any given day

Winter in Chicago Number One

Are we missing any harsh realities? We’ll blame it on a brain freeze—but let us know in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Top 11 Harsh Realities of Winter in Chicago

  1. Seems pretty appropriate that after this crazy winter we get snow on the first day of spring, doesn’t it?

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