The Top 11 Catchphrases About Innovation (And What They Typically Mean!)

More and more companies are discovering that one of the best ways to spark innovation is to collaborate with someone new – someone from outside of their immediate sphere of influence. Someone unburdened by the same trains of thought that keep companies entrenched in old ways of thinking…even while industry and technology are evolving rapidly around them.

BombShelter at Plan B represents an opportunity for brand and marketing managers to expand their thinking by partnering with a team of innovators who are creative by nature. Immersed in a sea of change at the intersection of technology and culture, we’re an ideal incubator for companies looking to broaden their appeal, create new markets, ideate on new product development, or experiment with marketing and messaging strategies.

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So without further ado, we bring you the Top 11 Catchphrases about Innovation (and What They Typically Mean!):

  1. Let’s push the envelope (even if we’ll never pull it off)
  2. Think blue sky (but stay grounded, people!)
  3. We need to think bigger (because “big” ideas just don’t cut it anymore)
  4. Forget everything you know (including all the other times we’ve been down this road)
  5. Consider this a blank slate (but I’m the one who gets to hold the marker)
  6. Let’s keep an open mind (and pray for an open wallet)
  7. It’s time to get creative! (because the last time we got creative didn’t count)
  8. We’re going to start over (even if we’ll probably never finish)
  9. There are no bad ideas (only a growing list of things we would never do)
  10. Hit the reset button (and then rewind, pause, play, rewind, and stop)

Catchphrases About Innovation Number One



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