The Top 11 Downsides To A Corporate Move

Sure, HR is making your big corporate move sound like you’re relocating to the promised land. But who are they kidding? We all know that a new office space equates to more room for headaches. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting and crafted this list of the Top 11 Downsides to a Corporate Move. With less time spent hating on your new digs—maybe you’ll have more time to find the silver lining, whatever that may be…

  1. The new pattern on the office carpet gives you vertigo
  2. Your new route to work is also everyone else’s route to work
  3. It takes over 5,000 boxes to move your “paperless society”
  4. It has been over a month and the door guy still asks you to sign in
  5. No one can guess the password to the only WiFi network available: XxSexyCupcake69xX
  6. You keep going 14 floors out of your way
  7. No matter how many times you slam your knees into the desk next to you, it won’t bring back the open space that was next to your old desk
  8. If you didn’t transfer the call to the wrong person it’s only because you accidentally hung up on the caller
  9. Your iPhone no longer gets a wireless signal in the new bathroom stalls
  10. The scent of hot pockets leaves you nostalgic for your old breakroom

Corporate Move Number One



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