The Top 11 Upsides to Corporate Downsizing

These days, it seems we all know someone who’s been directly affected by a corporate layoff. The economic slump of the past 6 years has made layoffs an unfortunate reality of life in the working world. Fortunately, there are many great resources available online to counsel and guide the recently unemployed through the process of coping with a layoff, and the process of finding new employment opportunities. Conversely, those left behind back at the office, who may be experiencing Survivor Syndrome, have very little published information or insights available to them — to help them navigate their side of their new workplace reality. So, in true “Plan B” style, we offer The Top 11 Upsides to Corporate Downsizing.

  1. It’s 9:30 and there are “leftover” bagels in the kitchen
  2. Your SVP definitely knows your name now… right?
  3. The toilet paper dispensers are now empty every third trip instead of every other
  4. Pick a conference room… any conference room!
  5. Refrigerator mold count down significantly
  6. Now you have the “good” mug all to yourself!
  7. Secret Santa isn’t such a big secret anymore
  8. You finally know which “Mike” people are akways talking about
  9. The random, anonymous playing of “Gangham Style” comes to an abrupt end confirming your suspicion
  10. Working late suddenly doesn’t seem like the worst case scenario

Corporate Downsizing Number One



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