The Top 11 Food Additives Your Ad Agency Overuses

Chances are your food isn’t the only thing with unwanted additives. Too many ad agency invoices still come loaded with hard-to-digest fees, mark-ups, and extra costs that fatten the final bill without providing any supplemental value. Plan B offers a much healthier alternative to the bloated, wasteful retainer-based relationships still common at big agencies, and a well-rounded alternative to the specialized agencies who tend to bite off more than they can chew. Ditch the additives in favor of our balanced 4D approach. It’s Marketing that Gets Smarter!™ Get ready for a slice of the good stuff.
  1. MSG: Marked Up Services Gratuity
  2. Saturated Retainer Fat, to preserve their cushy deals
  3. Artificial Sweet Talk
  4. Poly-excuses
  5. Red Ink #2
  6. Pink Slime, a.k.a. unidentifiable filler
  7. Soylent Green (It’s people! Way too many people…)
  8. GMO: Greatly Misappropriated Overtime
  9. Monovisionoids
  10. Caffeinated Interns

Food Additives Number One



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