The Top 11 Food Phrases to Describe Your Ad Agency Relationship

Niche agencies are great if you’re looking for one thing done one way over and over again. At Plan B, we believe variety is the spice of life – and an essential ingredient in your company’s recipe for marketing success. Nothing freshens up stale creative like a fresh perspective on your business challenges from an agency partner that specializes in made-to-order marketing. Our on-demand model was designed to ensure you only pay for those services you need as you need them, and our performance-based philosophy was crafted to keep clients satisfied and coming back for more. And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, check out our secret sauce.
  1. Even simple requests seem slow cooked
  2. You always feel freshly squeezed
  3. Creative team on conference calls sounds half-baked
  4. Agency communications are way over processed
  5. The account supervisor is extra cheesy
  6. Canned creative
  7. Your junior account person is artificially sweet
  8. Agency was hand-picked by someone who doesn’t
    work there anymore
  9. Estimates and timelines are completely nuts
  10. There’s no meat in any of their strategic recommendations

Food Phrase Number One



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