Must. Resist. Thelma and Louise. Caption…

The Plan B automotive team recently had the chance to unleash the aggressive power of the new Jaguar F-TYPE at the “Chicago Celebrates #MyTurnToJag” event sponsored by GILT City.

With Jean Erhardt, the skillful driver of Plan B’s automotive accounts, behind the wheel, the entire team (creatives and all!) enjoyed the ride as they salivated over the irresistible F-TYPE, sipped on cocktails named after the F-TYPE’s sensuous color palette, munched on decadent appetizers provided by VenueOne, and listened to the beats of VH1 Honors “Best DJ” Timbuck2.

And while watching Jean and Account Executive Bana McCamy recreate scenes from Thelma and Louise was worth the MSRP of the high-performing V8 S, the biggest highlight of the night was having the chance to command the two-seater sports car that’s completely captured our hearts. What can we say? We’re just a bunch of car guys.

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