Top 11 Signs To Tell Your Marketing Agency Is “Doping”

Funny what people will do to get an edge these days. Not Plan B. We’ve had a policy of transparency since day one. Plus, our pay-for-performance model means we never rest on our laurels. It keeps us honest, and always giving the proverbial 110% in earning our next assignment. If you suspect your agency is either faking it, or phoning it in, it may be time for a Plan B. We have an all-natural performance enhancing approach to marketing we call 4D. Get the X’s and O’s here.

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  1. They’re always trying to inject themselves between you and your other agencies
  2. They’re constantly supplementing their teams with “consultants” you’ve never seen before
  3. They always needle you for more time
  4. Change requests make them “rage”
  5. They think they can carry more weight than they really can
  6. Their creative lead nods off during meetings
  7. They offer you samples from their pharma clients
  8. Their size fluctuates dramatically
  9. They have a hard time remembering little things like deadlines, taglines…your name
  10. Track marks on their copy decks

Doping Number One



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