Top 11 Signs Your Marketing Plan Came Off An Assembly Line

If your agency’s work seems generic, you’re not alone. Their other clients are looking at the same work thinking the same thing. But never with Plan B. Our on-demand model allows us to quickly understand the values of your brand and efficiently develop custom creative that exceeds expectations. Plus, our highly adaptable 4D approach to marketing is all about tailoring to your specific budget and needs. So it’s safe to say we’re unlike any other agency—you remember, Unique, don’t you? Find out more here.

Auto White Paper

  1. Beautifully collated and stapled? Yup. Content? Not so much.
  2. Is this the same plan you saw last year?
  3. The Account Manager is missing two fingers.
  4. The nuts and bolts are literally, nuts and bolts.
  5. The proofreader marked it with an “Inspected By #45643” sticker.
  6. Headlines on the spec creative ads are all “Lorem Ipsum.”
  7. Interchangeable parts: inexplicably interchanged.
  8. You get billed double-time-and-a-half on any federal holiday.
  9. That distinct “no new ideas” smell.
  10. You get the spontaneous urge to hit the “Emergency Stop” button.

Assembly Line Number One

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