Top 11 Obscurities to Celebrate in May

We all know May is the month of Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, May Day and Cinco de Mayo, but, beginning tomorrow, there’s much more we can be celebrating. Here are the Top 11 Days to Celebrate (beyond the obvious) This May.

11. Official Star Wars Day is May 4 (as in, “May the Fourth be with you”). With weird syntax like Yoda, you should speak.

10. National Candied Orange Peel Day also lands on May 4. Never had of a candied orange peel? No sweat. You can make them at home!

9. National Tourist Appreciation Day is May 6. Go find someone who looks a little out of place on Michigan Avenue and instead of laughing at them, point them in the right direction.

8. No Socks Day is May 8. Not sure what the White Sox, who are in New York playing the Mets, are planning, but you can combine this with…

7. …National Lost Sock Day on May 9. Pour one out for all those lost brothers in the dryer.

6. There once was a day in May/To compose in a creative way/It falls on the 12th/Make verse for your health/On this, national Limerick Day.

5. You’ve got to love advanced aquatic civilizations so sophisticated that even college students are capable of keeping them alive. May 16 is National Sea Monkey Day.

4. Head out to the Art Institute, the Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry or one of the many other museums in Chicago, for International Museum Day on the 18th.

3. Put all your great ideas in writing (and share them with the world) on May 21. It’s National Memo Day.

2. Head to Chicago Music Exchange on May 22 for Buy a Musical Instrument Day.

1. May 27 is Memorial Day this year, and since it’s the unofficial start of summer, it’s fitting that it’s also national Sunscreen Day. So slather it on and get outside.

Enjoy the month!

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